Grateful Reflections for 2014

Gai Comans Grateful Reflections

As the year winds to a steady close, it’s always helpful to reflect on where you are and where you planned to be, when you looked forward this time last year with such promise about the year ahead.

For the past 15 years, I have been guiding business professionals, business teams, breast cancer survivors, friends, colleagues, and family towards creating their best year ever and loved watching their lives transform.

Best of all, I love celebrating their successes with them.

Their Transformation Was Fabulous

Brenda’s eyes lit up when she discovered a new purpose in her work because it enabled her to provide better schooling options for her daughter, Sarah. Or Nicola, who began to defend her exercise time because it was a commitment she made to staying healthy. Then there was Julia, who openly cried when she realised that she wasn’t taking responsibility for her decisions and the direction her life was heading…it was a soul-searching “a-ha” moment that changed everything for her.

Sharing Tools To Help Them Keep Moving Forward…

I have shared many tools with them to help them assess where they see themselves ending the year and how closely they came to achieving that. I thought I would share with you how I will work with clients in January and then throughout the year to help them create their best year ever.

The Truth About New Year’s Resolutions

Now I know at this time of year, its really tempting to set New Year’s resolutions because you want to change things in your life and may not want to repeat the same year as last year, but why not consider a different way of doing things? If you are thinking about a New Year’s resolution for 2015, consider this:

Let’s look at a different approach, a process that will see you well on your way to achieving all the things you want for yourself and are important to you in 2015…

The First Step Is Reflection…

Consider asking yourself this question –

How do I feel now, that the year is drawing to a close?

Then distill that into one word which reflects how you’re feeling…

Then ask a second question –

Is this how I wanted to feel at the end of next year? Why and why not?

Now this isn’t about beating yourself up if you aren’t feeling how you wanted to. Quite the contrary; it’s about putting some feeling into your year, rather than just letting the year end only to live through the same feeling next year just like “Groundhog Day”. It’s also about creating a baseline so that you have something to assess against throughout the year.

My Community Reflection Word From 2014

I thought I would share my reflection word with you from 2014 – “Grateful”

Here’s why…my focus for the breast cancer community for 2014 was to provide women with an avenue to “Elevate Your Spirits” and “Empower Your Life”. Lets see how I did.

Elevate Your Spirits



The guides aimed to lend support at diagnosis by connecting you to a community of women so that you didn’t have to go through it alone, to give you tools to guide a confident conversation with medical teams, and to know that there is life after a cancer diagnosis.

Twenty breast cancer and cancer survivors were invited to share their story with you by answering two questions which would become the Survivor Secrets guides. The guides were released in March and April of 2014, and in just those few short months they have been downloaded by 1,638 women.

Empower Your Lifestyle


The program aimed to lend support at the end of treatment so that you could confidently increase your energy for life, improve strained relationships with those you love and who love you, and to shake off the label of “cancer”.

Fifteen experts, leaders, and guides were invited to share their work across eight lifestyle aspects (health and wellness, personal growth, creating an inner sanctuary, connection, community, career, adventure, and abundance) in what become the Empowered Living About Breast Cancer Event in July, and then the Pathway to Empowerment program in September.

In total, 1,944 women from 71 countries joined in for both programs.

My Personal Reflections For 2014

I Am Grateful For…

…My Mentors

Although I mentor women, I also work with mentors in many areas of my life. So I am grateful for my personal mentor, business mentor, and mastermind community. For me, working with mentors is an essential and invaluable commitment that I make in my life, and the value to my life outweighs the cost 1,000 to 1.


I am grateful to you by supporting me to support you over the past 12 months. I have enjoyed our interactions, the questions, the challenges, and the community we have created.

I am excited about what will be created in 2015.

Next, I will share more with you about setting up for 2015…it is going to be a great year.

For now, I would love to hear more about your reflection word for 2014, so please share your reflection word in the comments below…



PS I will let you in on a secret – the word for the community for 2015 is “Emerge”.


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