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 The Four Practices Progressive Leaders use to Create a Highly Engaged and Productive Workplace That Drives Higher Profit

Our Ethos

We believe that "Awareness" is the birthplace of change.  Awareness inspires business to solve challenges and capitalise on opportunities.

When business changes it creates ripples and your will people need to transition.  Transition is not an automatic process and your people will need specialised assistance to help them transition to the renewed business.

We support you to realise sustainable change for your business and your people via a two pronged approach:

  • Tailored Solutions for Business

    Tailored Solutions for Business to assist you to capitalise of the opportunity to acquire and retain the right clients and customers for your business.

  • Signature Programmes

    Signature Programmes designed to enable your people to transition along with the business.

Our Philosophy

We support business to simplify the complexity around strategic growth,  so they can leverage the marketplace opportunities to accelerate their results, while lowering their risk and with the engagement of their people.

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Our Areas of Focus

  • Leverage Digital Product Distribution

    Digital product distribution gives business the opportunity to expand or simplify their products, so that they can reach new and existing clients through the channels they use everyday.

  • Retention Focused Client Strategies

    A focused retention strategy saves business time, energy and money by leveraging their existing client base to extend their relationship.

  • Highly Engaged People

    Staff engagement impacts earnings per share (EPS) and direct profit, it is critical for business to have a strategic focus on transitioning their people through change.

We're Here To Help You

  • Make Your Business Easier To Deal With

    Digital delivery enables you to spend time serving your premium clients knowing that all your clients are getting the information they need from you.

  • Simplify Interactions With Clients

    Interact with your clients in a way that makes sense to them and gives you both greater flexibility.

  • Boost Performance

    When your people have clarity and are aligned to the purpose of the business, success with be important to them.

  • Lower Risk

    Clarity enables you to grow your business, by focusing on clear acquiring and retaining the right clients.

Our Tailored Solutions

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Our Signature Programme

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Aware@Work Signature Programmes Offers Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Business Growth

Aware@Work programs are tailored to meet the needs of the clients and draw on 29 years of corporate experience, entrepreneurial experience and coaching professional men and women to meet personal and workplace goals. Many participants experience improved focus, calmness and clarity, reduced stress, higher levels of job satisfaction and improved connection as a result.

Why It Works

Aware@Work programs draw upon research in the areas of neuroscience, resilience and mindfulness. The principles and effectiveness of these disciplines have been the subject of scientific studies at respected schools such as Harvard Medical School, Stanford University’s School of Medicine, Massachusetts Medical School and the University of Wisconsin's Laboratory for Affective Neuroscience.

The Objectives and Benefits of the Aware@Work programs

  • Learning to apply decision-making skills and frameworks to better manage competing priorities while improving productivity and focus.

  • Improving engagement through building confidence and natural stress reduction.

  • Enhancing well being by fostering connection to the community at work and improving resilience skills.

  • Reducing stress by learning simple mindfulness techniques, which can be applied at work and at home, to promote awareness.

  • Boosting job satisfaction and engagement by identifying and connecting to the underlying purpose for your work and home life.le mindfulness techniques, which can be applied at work and at home, to promote awareness.

Our Methodology

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Step One: Enter Your Info To Get Your Report Free


 The Four Practices of Progressive Leaders Use to Create a Highly Engaged and Productive Workplace That Drives Higher Profit