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Your sense of normality has been shaken up and you're feeling stuck in transition.

You’re trying to navigate health issues,  damaged relationships and career challenges.

Right now, you’re on the other side of the “life altering transition”, but feeling totally out of alignment.

You know what it’s like when you’re trying to make things appear as normal as possible, when nothing feels normal.

You keep yourself busy, and your daily routine helps to distract you.

By the time you dive into bed, hopefully exhausted, you toss and turn, restlessly struggling to get a good night’s sleep, as you’re kept awake by the return of “what now” questions.

If you could, you would talk to your friends and family about how you’re feeling, but you don’t really have a handle on it yourself yet.

You’re struggling to find the words to articulate the real problem, because the right words seem elusive at the moment.

To avoid the awkward conversations and judgements, you spend more time on your own, and the isolation is hitting you hard. In the quiet moments though, reality hits you...

“My family and friends think I’m fragile”

“I don’t want to be defined by this experience”

“There has to be more to life now?!”

It’s funny. You pushed yourself to get through the painful stages to recover from the loss of your old life, hopes or dreams, only to feel totally empty.

This life-altering shift has unknowingly set your life on a new trajectory, which you have no idea how to navigate your way through, but you’re willing to try. You have to!



I’ve been there too, a hard-working successful executive, newly married, enjoying the finer things in life, and with what looked like the picture-perfect life. While my career climbed, I watched the days march by too quickly.

My life altering shift hit me at 38—a cancer diagnosis, losing two friends to terrorism, then divorce. The endless changes at work, on top of these shake-ups, meant that I couldn’t find a safe place to land.

In those quiet moments, I kept asking the “So, what do I do now?” questions too.

After a life-altering shift, you know you can’t put off living, be content to just go through the motions or live on autopilot anymore. Although the old comfortable ways seem appealing at times, you know you can’t go back to that life.

You're determined to create a life with purpose rather than one where just exist mindlessly—waking up in the dark, shower, dress and head to the office. Then, getting home after dark, struggling to follow conversations because your mind was still on all the tasks you didn’t get to. You didn’t need a new job, you need a better way to deal with the stress and time pressure of a job you enjoy.

You really wanted to be lit up rather than tired out.

Don’t do what I did and wait for disaster to strike before you choose to live from your heart.

Be willing to challenge yourself to consciously choose a new way of living, one in which you feel happy, healthy and connected. My coaching and strategy background and education are a vital platform to support you to launch from.

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In a search for strategies, one book at a time,  I discovered Purposeful Living—a way of living and working that is designed with purpose, intention and living from your core.

You know that you can’t wait for life to improve on its own. From experience, you know the do-it-yourself approach can take a long time to show results, and right now you need a way to accelerate—a roadmap back to you.

As a ‘purposeful living coach’, I work with professional men and women who have experienced a life-altering transition in their health, relationships, career or life, which had left them feeling doubtful and disconnected, just like you. My roadmap will get your life back on track quickly and effectively.

I now provide the roadmap to my clients that I wish was available when I was struggling to redefine my life with purpose and intent. 

Choose the roadmap to Design your own Purpose Driven Life through my coaching programs.



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