Empower Your Growth

Empower Your Growth

Our guest experts for bring balance through spirituality and growth are

Pasha Hogan from Creative Discovery

Pasha HoganPasha Hogan is the author of Third Time Lucky: A Creative Recovery and the founder of Creative Discovery™, a program that activates the creative and healing processes for living a full and vibrant life. Drawing on and building from her expertise as psychotherapist, yoga teacher, Reiki Master, and three-time breast cancer survivor, Creative Discovery empowers participants to live beyond life challenges and grow into the unknown depths of their hearts and souls.

Through her healing work and creative practices, Pasha encourages people to stop believing everything they think they know about how life is supposed to go and instead start living from a place of wonder and curiosity, transforming fears into unknown possibilities. Her mission and greatest thrill is turning people on to the beauty and infinite light shining within their hearts so they make their unique contribution to the world. A daughter of Ireland she now lives, laughs and hikes in Santa Fe, New Mexico. For more information please visit www.pashahogan.com.

Dr Shani Fox from Healing and Hope for Cancer Survivors

Shani Fox

Dr. Shani Fox helps cancer survivors who feel alone or overwhelmed create lives of wellness, authenticity and joy.  Believing unconditionally in each person’s innate power to generate wellness and happiness, she encourages survivors not to settle for a “new normal”, but to create a “new extraordinary”.

Dr. Shani’s signature system, “Beyond a ‘New Normal’: Your Guide to Getting Back in Charge and Creating Extraordinary Wellness and Joy After Cancer” nurtures deep wellness and body/mind harmony that increase resilience to disease.  Her unique background as both holistic physician and life mastery coach powerfully supports survivors in becoming proactive members of their own healthcare teams and CEOs (chief enjoyment officers!) of their own lives.

Dr. Shani’s free assessment “How Cancer-Proof Are You?” helps pinpoint how you can reinforce your anticancer defenses, so you can relax into deep wellness and peace of mind.  Take your free assessment today at  www.drshanifox.com.

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