Gai’s Interviews

Whether On The Radio

Courage and Grace was an interview with Gai did as part of a series conducted by Dr Shani Fox.    This interview touches on the real issue faced by breast cancer survivors and how to find your way out.

You can listen in to the interview here

From Fear To Power was an interview which Gai did with Joni Aldrich.  The interview was aired on both the W4WN (Women for Women Network) and also W4SC (The Cancer Support Network).  These stations have the largest audience globally for radio and women.

The interview was a discussion with action steps for regaining your power after a cancer diagnosis and more importantly as a survivor when treatment for cancer is finished.

You can listen in to the interview here

Crushing the Fear Of Recurrence: Surviving and Thriving After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis is an interview with Dr Victor Zeines about how to move on with your ice after Breast Cancer.  Gai outlines 10 simple steps that you can take to deal with the fear of recurrence.

You can listen in to the interview here


 In The Press

Another Day At The Office was an interview Gai did with The Age Newspaper for it’s Health Section.  The interview was about how to still keep on with your daily working life while undergoing treatment for cancer.

Or In Articles


Nancy Stordahl from Nancy’s Point shares her view about the end of treatment in Emerge From The Fire.  Nancy’s Point is that Survivorship Is Hard Too!

Marie Ennis-O’Connor from Beyond Breast Cancer share Emerge From The Fire to help fellow breast cancer survivors understand what comes next, when treatment finishes and life returns to “normal”.

The Breast Cancer Warrior, Beverly McKee shares her insights into the Breast Cancer Survivor Secrets Guide.  What did she wish she knew?

Diana Ross from Breast Cancer Yoga shares a personal story from Gai on Breast Cancer Authority about “Survivor Secrets” and where it all started.  Here at What is Survivor Secrets?

Nancy Stordahl from Nancy’s Point instills the importance of sharing your story to help others.  Nancy talks about this in the Empower Your Life guide and shares her point at Nancy’s Point.

Helping Survivors Graduate to Thrivers is an interview Gai did with, Angela Long, from Breast Investigators.

Debbie Woodbury from Where we go now has this to say about the release of the Breast Cancer Survivor Secrets guide.

Eileen Fuentes from The SPEACH was proud to be on the 21 Inspirational survivors included in the Breast Cancer Survivor Secrets guide.  Do you know the Eileen has meet Oprah?!

Marie Ennis-O’Connor from Journeying Through Breast Cancer, writes that You are not alone is your journey beyond breast cancer.

Florence Strang from 100 Perks of Cancer, talks about our first encounter and how connecting across continents can have a humorous beginning.


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