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 Untitled design30 Ways to Live Love Lead Consciously

The guide for purpose driven people and leaders creating a purpose-driven business.

Meet Gai

Gai's focus is on delivering a roadmap for business growth and personal growth:

Business Growth by being

✔Innovative - Leverage digital technology to deliver products and information to clients

✔Customer Centric - Retention strategy to retain high value clients

✔Employee Centric - Employee engagement strategy to assist personal, team and organisational transition through change.

Personal Growth by being

✔ Resilient through change and transition - Coaching executives through transition, career change, life change.

“Gai is one of the most genuine and inspirational people I know.  Gai has worked as an executive in the corporate world yet has her priorities right – she maintains an unrelenting focus on living life her way.”

Steve Weston, CEO Mortgages, London.

Business Solutions

With over 20 years experience in senior executive roles, Gai has led strategic business transformation and people transition strategies in highly-dynamic environments.  Leading redesign projects resulted in improvement of 380% over three years, which equated to turnover growth from $500 million to $1.9 billion.  And another which resulted in a reduction of customer attrition by 14% and growth of $1.4 billion.  Subsequently, the strategy and processes were adopted as best practice across the industry.  Overcoming several major challenges, including health, losing friends to terrorism and divorce while holding leadership roles.  Gai has become  touchstone for those seeking  a resilient approach to life, business and leadership.   Read more about Gai’s business coaching and programmes.

Personal Solutions

Gai has led and coached individuals, teams and leaders through many personal and business scenarios.  Her unique ability enables her to quickly pinpoint issues and challenges, then work with her client to bridge the gap. Gai serves a global community  of  professional men and women in 39 countries.  Through her coaching and mentoring programs Gai supports the community to develop resilient life, career and business skills.  Read more about Gai’s personal coaching and programmes.  

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The Story Of You

The 12 Essential Steps To Discover Your True Story, Captivate Your Audience, Leave Them Hungry For More

Who do you become when you tell your story? So often you are identified by what happens to you, your past choices, or your life experiences rather than who you become as a result of them. Your transformation, who you become, is at the heart of your story, but it is often overlooked. Telling your story will separate you from old labels and outdated identities, as it’s the heart of your journey and the heart of your story. The secret to discovering it is a 12-step process which takes you beyond the incident, the illness, the accident, the choice, or the experience, and towards the life which resulted from the change. This process will enable you to tell your story in a way that keeps people captivated and engaged rather than running for the hills.


The Fearless Path

10 Unique Ways To Banish Fear So That You Can Feel More Productive, Fulfilled and Alive.

Who do you become when you live without fear? In this guide, you will discover 10 unique ways to banish fear, which will lead to you feeling more fulfilled, living fully instead of hiding from the world, and stop procrastination.


From Crisis To Confidence After Illness

4 Essential Steps To Move You Forward Confidently After Illness

From Crisis to Confidence shares four secrets to reclaiming your confidence and overcoming the key confidence killers after a serious illness. You will discover how to reclaim connections with friends, colleagues, and the outside world, and the simple steps to sharing your story with confidence, where to reach out for support, and overcoming fear and overwhelm.


Step One: Enter Your Info To Get Your Guide Free

 Untitled design30 Ways to Live Love Lead Consciously

The guide for purpose driven people and leaders creating a purpose-driven business.