Authentic Living – Why, What and How To….(Part 2)

Who is it for?

People, particularly busy people,  who want to experience more “life in their life”, now not later.

People who are recovering from illness who don’t want to wait to live again.

People who want to discover and live their unique edge in life

You can – Design the life that you deserve – a life with balance, vitality and abundance while being authentically you!

✔ Discover your deepest driving force and how to live it in each area of your life

✔ Create a daily observation ritual to uncover your true strengths and then build on them

✔ Encourage glowing skin, even when you’ve been ill or worked for 12 hours that day

✔ Master your priorities and bring more abundance and freedom to your life


What are the benefits?

I’ve been living an authentic life for a few years now and my life just keeps getting better and better…it’s really fabulous! Over the past few years, I’ve lived in five different countries, traveled the world visiting 14 countries in faraway places, while having amazing experiences – while wearing my jeans and pushing forward with my business!  And with the knowledge that I made it all possible by living authentically.  While that may not be everyone’s dream, it was mine!  You can  discover yours as well.

How did I do it? 

In fact, the question I get asked the most is “How did you do it?”  How did I move from being a Breast Cancer Survivor and a corporate executive working long hours with loads of pressure to traveling all over the world, when actually I am probably a lot like you.  Just a person who wanted to get more out of life and didn’t want to have to wait until they “officially” retired or be worn out before retirement.  I just wanted to have fun and experience all that life has to offer, not just the little piece of life I was currently living in and I wanted that now, not in 15-20 years.  I didn’t want to wait!!

Each change I made built a stronger foundation for further changes.  Each change worked in harmony with the next and inspired me to keep going forward.  Friends and colleagues asked what I did to make the changes and I showed them how to do it and they made changes that worked for them.  But there was never enough time, over dinner or drinks, to take them through the full process so that they could fully step into living a life that felt true to them, so I decided to put together a course to help more people discover what authentic living is for them.



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