Authentic Living – Why, What and How To………

I get a lot of questions about how to live more authentically, so I thought I would answer a couple of those questions for you here.

What does authentic living really “mean”?

Really, it’s about living true to who you really are in all areas of your life, but with the pressure, expectations of modern living and illness, we often get thrown (or pulled) off course!  The problem is that most people just “get stuck” and get used to living out of balance, then it’s time for a course correction but they’re not sure how to do it or where to start.

What are the first steps I need to take?

Step 1 – Discover your “WHY?”

The first step is about laying down a strong foundation so that your life flows more easily.  This type of foundation is probably a little different than what you have encountered before, but it will enable you to build a solid foundation for change.  It about discovering your “big why”, then living it in all areas of your life.  Why – you are here? you work the job that you do? live the way you live? what do you want to contribute?  This gave me amazing insight to my life, as I finally understood at a really deep level, “why” I did what I did and that enabled me to change,  think and act differently.

PS: Goal setting wasn’t working for me, as I needed to change my paradigm about life! Discovering my “why” enabled me to do this though.

Step 2 – Time to get off autopilot – you can do it in just 5 minutes a day

The second step is about slowing down to listen and observe…you can start this in just five minutes a day.  Just consciously stop and enjoy or “be present” to very simple things around you – and breathe deeply.  When you slow down and really observe, little things or patterns will start to emerge that you probably never noticed before.  Once you recognise the patterns you can start to change them.  Don’t you deserve five minutes a day to just for you?

Step 3 –  Staying healthy even when that seems tough

The third step is about your transportation system or your physical body – or your “Why?” for your health.  Your body works hard for you every single day and we take it for granted that this will always be the case. In reality, you often don’t really even notice how you’re feeling until your body gives you a clue that there might be a problem.  The clue comes in the form of a sore back, pulled muscle, gaining a few pounds, a life threatening illness then suddenly your body gets a lot of attention.  Paying attention everyday can help you take the angst out of sudden or long-lasting problems.  Understanding what you put in your body and applying what it actually needs can make a huge difference to your energy and vitality in everyday life.  If is especially important if you have experienced cancer and the treatment that follows.

Step 4 – Balancing life’s priorities

The fourth step is about balancing your priorities.  When you start to put your “Big WHY” into everything you do, you will start to see a shift in your priorities.  The work/life balance is a huge priority for you no doubt, as it was for me.  I knew that I didn’t want to continue to work 60++ hours a week for the next 15 years or so, just to be able to retire wealthy but probably not healthy.  I had already had breast cancer once and I didn’t want it to come back plus I would’ve been worn out by then!  So I quit! I left corporate and I had no idea what I was going to do, but I fundamentally no longer believed that how I had worked throughout my career was my only path to financial freedom.

So I went on a search that met my “Why?” for financial freedom.  I had only two criteria, 1) I needed to be able to wear jeans to work and 2) work from anywhere in the world! I had to step away from my corporate work identity to be able to do that, and it has led me to abundance that I could have never have imagined.  I have meet and now mastermind with others who had built seven and eight figure businesses doing what they love, while living multi-dimensional lives.  This was what I was looking for…..


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