Your Power For Focus – Reticular Activating System

Power for Focus RAS

Power For Focus – The Reticular Activating System

Focus of getting what you want is easy with this secret power for focus on your side.  If you are looking to make changes or reach your goals in your life, you absolutely need this. Your secret power for focus is The Reticular Activating System and it will help you get what you what.   It needs very clear direction and absolute clarity in order to help you, it’s critical and here is why………

Your Secret Power For Focus

Your brain has a “secret power” which you can put to work for your purposes.  There is a small part of the brain its the Reticular Activating System (RAS) and although this is a very small, it plays a critical role in getting you in reach of your dreams and desires in life.

It has a number of other vital functions as well, it controls sleep, breathing, your heart and critically for you, your focus and motivation! It sees everything you see, and all that information goes into your brain and passes through the RAS.  It’s a little inner detective at work for you.

This is a great insight in your quest for focus as the RAS pays attention to what you focus on.  In short, this puts you very clearly in the driver’s seat as it shows that you are in charge of your emotions, your thoughts, your motivations, your focus and your actions.  These aspects of your identity are all under your very direct control.

“Where focus goes, attention flows”

You Have The Power To Direct It For Focus

Your RAS takes clues from your world about what is important to you by taking note of what you pay attention to.   In turn, it directs what your brain focuses on, finding more of that for you.  Its job is to find what is important to you and if you are focused on it, well it must be important, right?  It is just doing what you are telling it to do.

It sees what you notice regularly so that it can filter out other non-important information and keep the critical information you want in the forefront of your mind.  It does this to prevent you getting buried from of information overload.

I’m sure you’ve experienced the RAS in action – you know the feeling when you are thinking you might buy a new car then all of a sudden you start seeing your new car everywhere even though you never noticed it before!

This is the RAS paying attention to what you are looking for and bringing it forward for you.

Here’s where it gets a little tricky though, as most of the time people miss the target because they focus on what they don’t want or don’t have rather than want they actually want!  You now the feeling of running late and praying that nothing goes wrong to make you even later, then everything seems to go wrong all at once!

Are Focussed On What You Really Want?

That being the case, what you focus on becomes critically important to you and the way you live your life.

If you continually focus on the want you don’t want or don’t have in your life than the RAS will continue to find it and give you experiences to support that negative focus.  It may not really be what you want, but it is what you are focused on.

Fear = More Fear; Anxiety = More Anxiety; Lack = More Lack

You may eventually find that you get weighed down under a wealth of negative thoughts, feeling and experiences that support your focus on what you don’t want and you get “stuck” in that pattern.

This then becomes your story – your reality – your life.  You’ll find you get “stuck” not knowing how to get through it even though you may truly want it to end, but to do that you have to change what you are focused on!

Or Do You Need To Change Your Focus?

It is possible to change though patterns, so that you can achieve your dreams and desires of living without this fear in your life, but firstly you need to change your focus.  This may be the hardest thing you do, BUT your life will improve day by day, then one day you will notice something’s changed and you are living in a totally different mindset – you are changing your story – your reality – your life.

In short, you need to have absolute clarity of what it is that you want rather than what you don’t want.  You need to direct all of your power and focus there.

A gratitude journal can help you get started in that direction.

Practicing Gratitude = More Things To Be Grateful More!

Have you seen the power for focus of the Reticular Activating System at work in your life?  Are you focused on what you want or don’t want?

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Love Gai

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