How Well Do You Focus? Let’s Test It…

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Recently, we spoke about your brain’s secret power for focus and how the Reticular Activating System (RAS) will help you to achieve your deepest desires and goals.  As you know, it does this by watching out for things that are important to you and finding more of it for you.


The RAS will determine what’s important to you by what you pay attention to. It then filter’s out other non-important information and stays on the lookout for more of what you focus on.  It does this so that you don’t get distracted from achieving your goals. You can see this in action when you are looking to get something new than all of a sudden you start to see it everywhere even though you hadn’t noticed so many of them before – like the new red car you’ve got your eye on!

What are you focussed on?

What a gift – The problem is that most people focus more on what they don’t want than what they do want!  Then they end up getting dejected when they get more of what they don’t actually want…..

Let’s put your focus to the test

Watch this short 1 min video and follow the instructions very carefully.

 Instruction 1:

Watch the video and pay attention by counting how many passes the team wearing white makes – it’s that simple!!



How did you go did you get the right answer?

Instruction 2:

Without giving the game away, put a comment below

– Did you get the right answer to the questions?

– How do you think you can use this ability to get laser focus on achieving one goal that you have at the moment?

Love Gai

PS If you missed the previous post you can view it here


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How Well Do You Focus? Let’s Test It… — 3 Comments

    • It’s funny isn’t it. Its amazing what we can miss even when we are looking for it. What was your experience like coming out of treatment? I was so focused on staying alive through treatment, that I didn’t see that I wasn’t living until treatment finished! Gai

  1. Wow, that was such an easy test, but so impactful. Meanwhile, my answer was wrong. I saw the white shirt team pass the ball 10 times. I guess I need to concentrate a little harder.

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