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Gai Comans Design your best year yet

Discovery is about uncovering what you want your future to look like, so that you can steer your life and career in that direction and design your best year yet. The alternative is getting pulled along by someone else’s dreams, because they have taken the time to put some energy into designing their life and dreams.

Here is a question to get you started…

How do I want to feel this year or in your life?

Let your mind wonder about all the possibilities that exist for you, then distill that feeling down to one word, which represents how you want to live and design your best year and life yet…

Take some time to sit with the question. It’s important to be confident that you’re setting your life up in a way that it will take you down the right track.

These are some of the words from people I work with….

Also ask yourself what “your word” looks like in your life…

This will point you to the behaviours you need to see in your life, to know that you are taking action and living in a way that is congruent with “your word” so that you can design your best year yet around that word.

What might you have to commit to? What do you need to do more of? Less of? Stop? Or start doing?

Sit with the question so that you get a really clear picture. When you can see it, you can bring it to life much more easily than just words on a page with no meaning.

When you are feeling comfortable that you have your word all sorted – share it. Tell friends, family that this is how you want to feel so that you can design your best year yet.

There is real power in having other people focused on you living in the best way possible…ask them to share their word with you.

If they don’t have a word, send them our way and we will help them design their best year yet as well.

Now that you have some real energy behind living your word each day, here is what I would do next…

…get a big jar…you will be guided to the right jar for you. Mine needed to be a clear jar, sealed at the top, big enough to get my hand in and out…but you get what is best for you…

…then, each day write down one way you have lived your word that day. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, small things all add up, so be on the lookout for those daily signs that you’re heading in the right direction and living your best year yet.

Be as creative as you want to be with it, but be consistent and do it every day, then if you are ever in doubt, reach your hand in and read some of your past signs and they will inspire you to keep going.

I am really excited to know what your word for the year is, so please share it in the comments below.

Like it? share it with your community and help others set up to design and live their best life as well.



PS My word is ABUNDANCE……what’s yours?



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