3 Ways You Can “Pay Yourself First” in Life

Pay yourself first

To be honest, do you pay yourself first in life? It’s a harsh reality, isn’t it? Most people are willing to live on leftovers or scraps. How do you pay yourself first in your life? How well do you see yourself in this picture?

  • You look after everyone else’s needs and have little or no energy leftover to look after your own needs.
  • You don’t have the time leftover after working and looking after the family to exercise.
  • You pay all the bills first and live on whatever might be leftover when the bills are all paid.
  • You cancel an appointment at the nail spa because a friend needs your help, and you never have any time leftover in your day to reschedule.

To pay yourself first isn’t just about money, it’s about abundance. It’s about having an abundance mindset and trusting there will always be enough. But most people live in lack. They live in lack of time, of energy, and of money. You can hear it in the language people use. “If only I had enough money to travel” or “I will be happy when I get that promotion” or “I am just too damn tired to go for a walk”, “I can’t because….” Finding the time isn’t the hard part, making the commitment to pay yourself is. That’s because it will take energy to change. You might have to stand on the edge of your comfort zone and peer over into the unknown, wondering what might happen if you take that next step. Here are three ways to find more time to start paying yourself:

Pay Yourself First by Turning Off the TV

Turning off the TV might give you as much as two hours a day to invest in yourself. What could you do with two hours a day? And yes, “work” is the wrong answer. You could use that time on these “pay yourself” first activities: read a book, go for a walk, listen to music, walk along the beach, take a dance class, spend time in nature or on the grass. These are all “paying yourself first” activities.

Pay Yourself First by Turning Off Your Phone And Email

Scary, isn’t it, that the world might be able to get along without you for a couple of hours?! Just checking one more email can often turn into a marathon of giving energy to other people’s priorities. Give yourself an hour a day to spend time with yourself, getting to know you, without the constant distraction of other people’s priorities. You could spend this time on one of your priorities like that art class you wanted to take, that painting that isn’t quite finished yet, or enjoying a really nice meal or glass of wine while tasting and enjoying each mouthful. These are all about paying yourself first.

Pay Yourself First by Buying An Alarm Clock

As mobiles or cell phones replace so many single-use devices, such as watches, we don’t get any downtime, not even while we sleep. There are even apps which require you to sleep with your phone. Absurd, but true. Turn off your phone and leave it out of the room while you sleep and give yourself the opportunity to get a peaceful and uninterrupted night’s sleep. Pay yourself first with a better night’s sleep.

I heard about the concept of “paying yourself first” when I interviewed Ann Wilson “The Wealth Chef”. I realised how similar it was to my own philosophy of investing your time, energy and money in what is important to you in order to live your life in your best health.  At the end of the day if you don’t show people, you can “pay yourself first” why would anyone else do it for you?

What is one way you pay yourself first in life?

Love Gai

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