A pragmatic and collaborative Consultant with significant experience designing and implementing Strategic and Change Programmes, with a focus on producing sustainable business benefit realisation. Gai’s coaching and mentoring experience builds an environment to both uplift in-house skills and deliver programmes successfully.




We believe that business is about more than just money.  It's about the value we add and the difference we make.  It’s about the people our business touches and impact we make in the world.

Our 1% Commitment

Through micro lending, 1% of all profit goes towards supporting women to improve their level of education and build small businesses.




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Gai is a commercially minded, MBA educated, senior executive with over 25 years leadership and business experience. Gai’s experience is multi-disciplinary and spans organisational design, business human resource management, business management, strategic design and execution, change management, business process improvement, mentoring and coaching.

The proven ability to deliver complex organisational wide projects has been demonstrated. Gai has led projects and initiatives from design through execution, managing impacts for business, change and human resources, while maintaining the delivery of sustainable business benefits.

A pragmatic, collaborative approach has enabled Gai to overcome resistance resulting in successful project delivery in highly dynamic business environments, and without the expected people issues. Gai's approach to the people side of change supports a smooth transition within a changing business environment.